Saturday, 30 October 2010

David Carson iconic or idiotic ?

David Carson came into the design industry and rocked the whole ship and how the world persived design. Before the era of david carson the design industry had strict "rules" on how alot of graphic work should be done and if you didnt stick to these rules your work wouldnt be appreiciated and be legible. Then the man himself David Carson came into the picture with no qualifications in the field, it seemed an unthinkable and insane thing for him to go against the grain....

He belived that communication isnt about being able to read, He found that you communicate in a different way to the way that had always been. He designed things that were very hard to read with all the letters mixed and using typefaces that were unlegible. However did he still communicate the message to the audience ?

I feel he did and i also feel that it was highly effective, i think that the audience had got fed up on the generalisation of everything they saw, design became to repetitive and people in time became oblivious. When they saw some of the work produced by David Carson it made them stop and look at the message that was being put across to them....

Some examples of the mans work as you can see they are very different from any sort of design seen before his time.

Once David Carson had been around for a few years and the design industry felt he had made a mark. The old fashioned designers went back to basics and rerouted the "rules" that they had stuck to for many years.

Do you think that david carsons work is now out dated ? Please vote in the poll i would love to know your thoughts on wether you feel his work is legible or people just became so oblivious of other design that his work stood out and in time gave the message to the wider audience.